Paving Projects

Paving Project List of Streets

  • 2021 Paving Project Streets List - The 2021 Annual Paving Project was awarded in October 2021, but with a delayed construction start date of April 2022, in order to avoid working during winter weather. 
  • 2022 Paving Project Streets List - Final List is subject to obtaining acceptable bids and City Council approval.

Annual Paving Project

In order to protect the newly constructed pavement, there will be a Moratorium on trenching in streets for non-emergency work. For Overlay or Micro Surfacing streets the moratorium on utility cuts is five (5) years. 

In preparation for the project, the City requests that each property owner evaluate the condition of their lateral sewer line as soon as possible. Since these lines connect the house plumbing to the sewer main in the street, any needed repairs are the property owner’s responsibility and should be completed by mid-July, prior to the start of that year's Paving Project. While this work is at the property owner’s discretion, please be aware that any non-emergency road excavation after the street reconstruction is complete will require extensive (and more expensive) pavement restoration measures at the property owner’s sole cost. 

This work will require an Encroachment Permit from the City – to obtain the permit, contact the Orinda Public Works Inspector at (925) 253-4236; additionally, a permit from the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) will be required – more information is available on the CCCSD website at or by calling (925) 229-7371.If you have not replaced your sewer lateral within the last five years, or your lateral requires regular maintenance, consider having the line inspected and, if necessary, replaced prior to the start of construction on your street.

In order to provide sufficient clearance for the road work, the City is also requesting that each property owner trim trees and shrubs at your property fronting the street, per the guidelines under Reference Documents. Please complete any trimming work by mid-July. 

The City is also recommending that property owners check and clear any obstructions in your driveway culvert pipe, located under your driveway. Any needed repairs are the property owner’s responsibility.  If installation of a new culvert pipe is needed, an Encroachment Permit will be required; please contact the Public Works Inspector at (925) 253-4236 prior to initiating the work.

Reference Documents