Security Camera Registration

Do you have an external home security camera system at your house? Would you be willing help the Orinda Police Department fight crime by registering your devices with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office? Please see the attached flyer on how you can register your camera(s) TODAY to make a difference in your community and help yourself, as well as your neighbors, by sharing information that could potentially be helpful in solving a crime in your city. The registry does not allow the police to access your system. It just lets us know you have one so if there is a crime in your neighborhood, we will know there may be video available.

Email the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department E-mail the Sheriff’s Crime Analysis Unit at

Please provide:

1. Contact Name (First and Last)

2. If a Business, The Business Name

3. Complete Address

4. Best Contact Phone Number

A and register today! By working together, we can make a difference with the greatest impact for community safety.

Additional information is on the flyer below.