Facility Preservation Fee

Facility Preservation Fee Started on August 1, 2018

On May 2, 2017, the Orinda City Council approved the Facility Preservation Fee. This is an administrative fee similar to the existing Per Player Fee for Sports Leagues in which a 3% charge will be added to each department transaction (excluding sports facility rentals). The funds generated by this preservation of non-sports specific recreation facilities, particularly the Orinda Community Center, and help supplement the limited resources available in the General Fund.

The Orinda Community Center was built in 1925 and has experienced periods of renovation through the years. However, we have experienced several decades of deferred maintenance and several building amenities have reached, or are nearing the end of their useful lives, including the roof, the windows, and the HVAC systems, and much of the flooring. And as more time passes, the more costly the projects will be. Although Orinda’s current economic state cannot support the entire cost of the maintenance, the City is committed to improving the energy efficiency and is working with agencies that can provide assistance with design, implementation, and financing.

The fee is now applied to all registrations and prospected facility rentals.

Click here to view the May 2, 2017 City Council Agenda Packet that includes this information and turn to page 192.