About Orinda

The City of Orinda is located in southwest Contra Costa County, within 20 minutes of downtown San Francisco. Orinda incorporated as a City in 1985, after more than 100 years of gradual development,  and the City has a reputation as a well managed and stable municipal government and is a relatively new city, with a population of 19,475 (Department of Finance, 2019).

Family Setting

Orinda is a family-oriented community with a semi-rural setting. In contrast to the more urban existence  of the surrounding area, the tree-studded hillsides of the 12.8 square-mile City contribute to Orinda's aesthetic beauty.

Orinda's close proximity to major San Francisco Bay locations and activities make it a delightful place in which to work, live, visit and play along with its:
  • Culture
  • Excellent Schools
  • History
  • Natural Beauty
  • Safety
Orinda welcoming sign.
City of Orinda foggy hillside.

Service to the Community

The City of Orinda is committed to providing excellent service to the community with a focus on public safety, sound land use planning, infrastructure improvements, and responsible fiscal management of City funds.

The City, incorporated in 1985, offers the following functions to better serve the citizens of Orinda:
  • Administrative Services
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Planning
  • Police
  • Public Works and Engineering

The City Council

The governing board, the City Council, is comprised of five elected officials each serving four-year terms. The City Council, each year prior to adopting an operating budget, establishes Major Goals and Objectives during their public Strategic Planning Workshops. The Major Goals and Objectives set the blueprint for the City's priorities during that year.