Sister City Tabor

Tabor, Czech Republic

Tabor was Orinda's choice for a sister city because of the many Orindans, who hoped to be of some help to an emerging democracy following the exit of Russian troops. Orinda's First Mayor Richard Heggie, with former Mayor Bobbie Landers, was instrumental in organizing the connection with Tabor.
Tabor, Czech Republic


In September 1997, 25 Orindans traveled to Tabor. They participated in "Tabor Meetings," an annual medieval festival held the second weekend in September. The Taborans wear medieval costumes, and the Orinda residents were dressed in a country western style with levis, vests, and bandanas. Coincidentally, Orinda's mayor at the time was named Allan Tabor.

For Orinda's July 4, 1998, celebration, Grand Marshals of the parade were a delegation of 21 visitors from Tabor including Tabor's Vice Mayor, Jiri Navara. The Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic, Hon. Richard Pivinika, came from San Francisco to join the parade. The Orinda/Tabor Sister City Foundation was registered as a C-3 (501) organization with the State of California.

In September of 1999, the St., Wenceslas Czech Festival was held locally. Saint Wenceslas is the patron saint of Bohemia,' the region in which Tabor is located. He lived in the early tenth century and was martyred for his faith. The weekend event included music, folk tales, dancing, movies, and cooking demonstrations. One room at the community center was transformed into a library and exhibition of Czech artwork.


The City of Orinda is proud of its sister city relationship with Tabor. The Orinda Lions Club has sponsored fellowships for physicians from Tabor. The Foundation has sent educators to Tabor to teach English as a second language. Rotary has also been active by helping to fund our Czech visiting students attending Miramonte High School. One Orinda student has traveled to Tabor for schooling. Many Orindans have visited Tabor and have been hosted by our great Czech friends. The Foundation advises on travel arrangements and contacts for visitors traveling to Tabor.

Expand Your Families World

Hosting an exchange student can greatly enrich a family. The Orinda and Tabor Sister City Foundation has been facilitating this exchange student program for many years.