Traffic & Roadway Signs

Manzanita at Camino Pablo

Report of Traffic Signal Outage or Malfunction

Report traffic signal outages or malfunctions to the Public Works Department at (925) 253-4231; please be prepared to provide the exact location and nature of the outage or malfunction, (i.e., southbound red out at Moraga Way and El Camino Moraga). After hours, report outages directly to the Police Department at (925) 646-2441.

Report of Damaged Signage

The Public Works Department installs, repairs, and replaces sign panels, damaged poles, and mounting hardware. To report faded or damaged signage, contact the Public Works Department at (925) 253-4231 or send an email.

Requests for New Traffic Control Signage

Residents may request new Traffic Control signage by contacting the City Engineer in writing via postal mail to:

City of Orinda
Attn: City Engineer
22 Orinda Way,
Orinda, CA 94563

You can also send an email.

Upon receipt of the request, traffic incidents are researched and analyzed for the specific location under consideration. A traffic study or speed survey may be conducted. If appropriate, the information is then presented to the City Council. Upon City Council approval, the Public Works Department installs the new sign.

Street Sign Requests 

Residents may request new Street Name signs or other signs, such as "Hidden Driveway" by contacting the Director of Public Works and Engineering Services in writing via postal mail or email. In some cases, there are costs to the residents for time and materials. 

This excludes Traffic Control or Neighborhood signs.

Accident Data History

Citizens who are interested in viewing accident hot spot locations in Orinda may visit  The Transportation Injury Mapping System Website.

The Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) website collects reported accidents to all participating law enforcement agencies statewide. Citizens may sign up to view accident data history for the City of Orinda and other local communities. Accidents are geo-located on a Google Map and also summarized statistically into types of accidents (sideswipe, head-on, broadside, etc.). 

The TIMS website is hosted through the University of California, Berkeley and obtains accident data from the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) which is maintained by the California Highway Patrol.

Neighborhood Traffic Management

The Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) was created in 2006 by the City Council to address community concerns relating to traffic safety in Orinda. TSAC, which is comprised of volunteer residents appointed by the City Council, identified the guidelines set forth in the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Residents are encouraged to use this program to learn about traffic calming.

The guide is made available to the community as educational information and is intended to apply to residential neighborhood streets