Pothole Repair & Pavement Management

Several men in yellow vests working on a neighborhood street while another man holds up a stop sign.

Pavement Management

The City of Orinda has a network of 92.5 miles of paved roads, most of which have been constructed over the past 50 plus years.

Large pavement repair projects are performed under the City's Pavement Management Program. Managing the City's 92.5 miles of paved roads is a complex and costly process.

Management Techniques

By using certain pavement management techniques, the City spends a limited budget in a manner that results in the most value for the money spent. With the money available, the City focuses on repairing and/or maintaining the arterial and collector roads. The downside of this focus is that residential roads receive a minimum amount of long term maintenance.

Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Over the past ten years, the City's annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project has spent an average of $2.3 million per year on street maintenance and repair. However, due to age and limited funding, many City streets continue to deteriorate.

In the past, the City has received regional and federal grants for additional repairs. This additional funding resulted in paving of sections of Charles Hill Road/Miner Road/Honey Hill Road.

Pothole Reporting and Repair

The immediate response to roadway repair is pothole repair. Pavement management is the long term response. To report a pothole, please contact Public Works at 925-253-4231 or email. Public Works staff will assess the pothole and schedule a repair, if warranted.

Depending upon the size of the pothole and general condition of the road, the repair will be made within approximately one week or added to a list that will be repaired as part of a larger contract. Repairs may take longer during winter months because the roadway should be dry for the repair to hold.