Public Works maintains public storm drain facilities. Responsibilities include:
  • Clearing obstructions from public storm drains, including storm drain facilities located within the public right-of-way or located in a city easement on private property
  • Checking conditions of public facilities and making repairs
  • Emergency response to help alleviate flooding and landslides

Obstructed  Drains

Contact Public Works at (925) 253-4231 to report an obstructed storm drain or send an email  with questions or concerns.

Storm Drain System Maps

Maps of the storm drain system are available for viewing at the City Offices by appointment or via email. Please provide the street address for the requested location. You may contact the Senior Civil Engineer at (925) 253-4279 to make an appointment or email the Engineering Department.

Culverts, Ditches, and Storm Drain Pipes on Private Property

Property Owners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining driveway culverts, v-ditches or other drainage facilities on private property per the Orinda Municipal Code Title 18, Chapter 18.03, Article 1, Section 03.040 (B).

Information on property drainage maintenance can be found here: Property Drainage Pamphlet

Public Works will issue Drainage Maintenance Notices to property owners regarding maintenance of drainage features located within the public right-of-way that are not maintained according to the Municipal Code.