Posted on: July 31, 2017

2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Program - Project Update as of September 13, 2017

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Other work includes raising of existing utilities back to top of newly paved roadways and replacement roadway striping is scheduled to start next week.

Pulverizing, roadway grading and cement treating work began last week and will continue to this week on:

  • Brookbank Road
  • Ranch Road
  • Tappan Lane & Court
  • Tarry Lane
  • Monte Vista Road
  • Los Amigos Court

Work on Los Amigos Court is scheduled to begin the week of 9/18/17. During the pavement reconstruction, the traffic signals at the Camino Pablo intersections will be set to a timer while the new road is reconstructed and the traffic loops to trigger the signal are re-installed and activated (approximately 10/02/17); Minor impacts and delays may be experienced.

New HMA paving will begin the near the end of this week at the follow locations:

•Brookbank Road
•Ranch Road
•Tappan Lane & Court
•Tarry Lane

For El Nido Ranch Road, the method of roadway repair will be milling the existing to 3-inches and repaving, with a possibility of additional, deeper repairs to isolated locations. This work is scheduled to occur durng the week of 10/09/17.

Storm drain pipe replacement work will continue into this week on:
•Monte Vista
•Redcoach Lane
•Candle Terrace
•Upper & Lower Van Ripper Lane

Concrete replacement work is complete for most of the project, there will likely be minor repairs and/or additions needed at various locations throughout the project, and Utility location potholing is now complete.  New pavement delineation layout has begun on newly paved streets south of Highway 24, actual installation is scheduled to start this week.

New Asphalt curb & gutter layout work began last week, installation is expected to take place in early October and all locations north & south of Highway 24 will be installed within a one-week time frame.

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